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Spells for Break Ups

The concept is simple enough: breakup spells separate couples. There are various types of practitioners who each cast break up love spells differently, according to their own traditions, beliefs, and techniques. When you purchase through Extreme Spells, our Circle of Eight gets to work using intention, ritual, and expertise developed over the years to connect to the morphic field of the person you want to break up. The morphic fields refer to the energy field surrounding every living thing. 

Casting a breakup spell yourself is possible, but if you have little experience, it is less likely you will get your desired result. You can quickly search online for easy spells to break up a couple, but this type of spell casting is best handled by those with years of experience. When you cast a spell involving another person, it requires the utmost respect and patience. This is not a revenge mission — it is using the natural forces of the universe to help you. 

At Extreme Spells, we offer not only the years of wisdom of our Circle of Eight, but also the peace of mind that we use an all natural method to cast breakup spells. We do not use dark or malevolent energy to facilitate our breakup spells

It can be tough to identify legitimate online spell casters. That’s why our scores of testimonials are available for your review. And if you do not see satisfactory results after six weeks of your purchased casting, we offer complimentary spell reinforcements. Plus, if your circumstances change, we also offer complimentary spell reversals.

Have questions about breakup spells? Please read our extensive Q&A section on our How to Order page. If you don’t find your answer there, contact us through our online form.

Break Up Spells & Spells to Break up or Divorce a Marriage. If you need help breaking up a couple that has caused you pain, this BREAK THEM UP SPELL is the best choice. Safe and Private, it is cast by trained and experienced Spell Casters that deliver results. Real Spells that Work!
  • All Break Up Spells are Safe (White Magic is used in all Separation Spells)
  • Morphic Energy Used (Safely and Quickly Ends Bad Relationships)
  • All Break Up Spells are Cast within One Day! Guaranteed.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee! Pricing on All Break Up Spell Castings. Starting at $49.95


Break Up a Couple or End a Marriage Cost

Do you have a friend in your life that is in a terrible deadend relationship and does not know it?

Are you being hurt by a couple that you want to be separated?

Is your ex Lover with a new person and you want them to break up?

Do you know someone (or perhaps it is you) in a relationship or marriage and they (or you) want OUT?


We Know Seeing Your Love with Another Isn’t Easy

There could be many reasons you have decided that a spell to separate a couple is necessary. You may want to break up a couple for their own good or safety. You may feel your ex has been duped. Or you may simply feel that you and your former lover are a better match. Whatever your circumstance may be, it is not easy to see your lover with another. It pulls at the heartstrings and causes emotional anguish like nothing else. 

It is empowering to know there is something you can do about it. A spell to breakup a relationship is a natural and safe solution to this problem. By simply communicating with morphic fields present in all living things, a separation spell presents a shift in perspective for your former lover: they will find themselves reminded of how wonderful life was with you. And their eyes will be opened to the difficulties of being with their current partner

In the short term, this may cause disagreements or interpersonal strife for this doomed relationship. In the long term, this spell will bring your lover back into your arms – willingly and happily.

Using a love spell on its own won’t work when your lover is with someone else. First you need to separate them using a separation spell. Channel your strong emotions to help make the Break Them Up and Return My Lover spell have your desired outcome. However, you can best let the spell work its magic by following the guidelines we give after your purchase. Do your best not to contact your lover while the spell takes effect (unless necessary for reasons unrelated to your love affair, such as family or finances).

our new


spell is just the casting you need

Break-up-spellsThe “Break Them Up” Spell infuses their relationship with break up energies. What this does is cause the couple to start to see things differently. When this happens, bickering occurs and then eventually serious fighting, and ultimately, separation. This Break Up Spell shows each person the others worst attributes and this leads to the attraction aspect being destroyed. The couple will both want out of the failing relationship as soon as possible. If YOU are in the relationship or you do NOT WANT any disagreements to happen, please let us know after you order. The Break Up Spell will still manifest but may take a few days or weeks longer than normal.


If the Break Up Spell is for an ex lover, it will be cast regularly and there will be disagreement energies infused in the casting. Basically, let us know if you do NOT want the couple to argue until the break up happens. Spells to separate and Spells to Break up a Marriage or Couple are EVERYWHERE,. Choose the break up spell with a GUARANTEE and cast by the professionals at ExtremeSpells.com.

NOTE: If you want to break up your ex lovers relationship and you DO WANT THEM BACK, you need our “Break Them Up And Return My Lover” Spell.

We at Extreme Spells take your privacy VERY seriously. Your Break Up Spell Casting is… SAFE — PRIVATE — EFFECTIVE — FAST

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Love Spells to Get Back With Your Ex

The spell to break up a couple is half the work if you want to get back with your ex. The next action to take is to purchase the Break Them Up and Return My Lover spell to ensure they come running back to you. 

Relationship spells like this fill the mind of your ex lover with positive associations with you – memories they already have but have forgotten – and make it so they can’t ignore the negative aspects of their new relationship. 

All we need to know is the person’s name who you want back in your life. We don’t interfere with their new lover. It’s just between you and your ex.

Order this spell in its Basic, Extreme, or Ultimate form, depending upon the strength of the spell you desire. We also offer the Platinum power level to cleanse negative energy and protect you in the future. 

Perhaps you want the same lover back. Or maybe you want to see who else is out there, and need a little help pulling them into your life. In case it would be better for you to simply start fresh after your breakup, rest assured we offer a variety of spells for your needs. It can be hard to make meaningful connections these days without some help!

Check out these powerful and effective spells:

Return My Lover (EXTREME) – to reignite a previous romance with new vigor!

Make Me Irresistible (BASIC) – to make you attractive to those who YOU think are attractive!

Make ‘em Want Me (EXTREME) – to make you attractive to one specific person!

Break Them Up and Return My Lover – to separate a couple so that you can get back with your ex!

Keep Your Lover Faithful – to ensure you are not cheated on by your lover!

Global Love Spell – to make multiple love-related requests with one of the most powerful spells we offer!

Stop My Divorce – to save your marriage with binding energies!

Attract My Perfect Lover – to magnetize your soulmate to you!

Revenge and Justice Spells – to restore your empowerment after being wronged!

Worried about finding the right how-to-break-a-love spell? We offer spell reversals to break-a-love spells that you have cast with us. Or you can choose to purchase the basic casting if you don’t want a spell that is too strong.


 Every Casting Carries Our Rock Solid:


“RESULTS OR REFUND” 100% Money Back 6 Month Guarantee If your Break Them Up Spell Casting fails to produce results that satisfy you we will happily refund you your purchase and / or

grant you ANOTHER casting of equal value 100% FREE to prove… WE DELIVER REAL RESULTS, PERIOD

Master Samuel TaylorHave Doubts? Try Us Out Free And We Will PROVE Our Spells Work!

Click HERE To Try A Free Spell Casting!  “This Break Up Spell is used for many different reasons. You may know a couple that are truly terrible for one another, you may know a person that needs help getting out of a relationship, you may need to rid your life of a couple that contains an ex lover of yours etc. Whatever the reason, the “Break Them Up” Casting can deliver powerful break up energies to the couple of your choice. Even if they are married, this spell is very safe, very private and very effective!” — Master Samuel Taylor and the Extreme Spells Circle

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“One of My Favorite Love Spells to make people genuinely happy.” — Master Taylor

Master Samuel Taylor

“We know it is hard to lose a love to another. When using a Love Spell to return your lover you will need powerful Break Up Spell energies to break them up before you return your lover. That is where this Love Spell Casting comes into play. It has all the right energies you need to show your ex lover who REALLY loves them, YOU!”

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