Break Up Spells and Love Spells to Return Your Ex Lover Fast

Spells To Break Up a Couple and Return Your Ex Love To You. Powerful and Effective magic Spell Casting to Return Your Love to You Fast with New Passion!

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Break Them Up & Return Your Ex Lover Spell Casting

Break Up Spells that Fix What Is Broken In Your Life.

Many times you need to break up your ex lover from their new relationship BEFORE you can return them. This Love Spell is the casting you need for this situation.




Break Up Spells and “Separation Spell Energies” are required if your Ex Lover is With a New Person. Basic “Return My Lover” Spells will not work well if your Ex Love is within a new relationship. The reason is “Break Up Spell Energies” are required to separate your Ex Love from their current relationship before the “Return My Ex lover Love Spell Energy is released.

If your partner has deserted your love for another person, the “break up and return to me energies” in this spell is what you need most. We know this painful feeling of betrayal hits VERY hard. We understand how you feel and this REALLY help with the castings. The Spell energy sends negative energy to your ex lovers current relationship and floods his or her mind with positive thoughts of you.

They will see their current relationship as miserable and failing while thinking nothing but the best thoughts and memories about you. This Break Up Spell Only Requires One name in and that is the one of the person YOU want back. We do not need the name of the person they are with as the Love Spell’s energies will know exactly where to go.



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4 Power levels are available for all situations and income levels. The tougher the case, the higher the power level we recommend.

All levels are powerful but higher level castings work faster and again, are best for tough cases that other spell castings March have failed.

Guaranteed to work or your Money Back!




NOTE: The PLATINUM power level also includes a free PROTECTION & CLEANSING spell for the month of March . It Cleans any negative energies, luck or negative spell energy from your life and protects you from the same in the future.



Love Spells to Get Back With Your Ex

  • Return My Lover.  EXTREME LEVEL — Spell to return your former lover and fill them with new feelings of Love and Attraction. Re Ignite that old flame with new passion!$59.95
  • Make Me Irresistible BASIC LEVEL — Love Spell that infuses you with attraction and binding energies that effect who YOU find attractive. A Fun & Effective Love Spell!$59.95
  • Love Spell EXTREME LEVEL — Similar to the Make Me Irresistible Love Spell but created with a specific person in mind. Perfect Casting to attract the One you want.$99.95
  • Break Them Up & Return My Lover – If your Lover is with another, you need powerful BREAK UP energies to bring them back.
  • Keep Your Lover Faithful –  Spell Casting to keep your lover faithful and happy with just you. If your lover is cheating or not, this Spell energy is good to have in place! (4 available)
  • Global Love Spell – Our top and most powerful Love Spell casting that is cast from around the planet making it a VERY EFFECTIVE Love Spell for any problem or desire.(2 available)
  • Stop My Divorce – Love Spell to save your marriage and stop the painful act of divorce. Restores your marriage with binding energies.
  • Attract My Perfect Lover – Love Spell to attract your Soul mate and perfect Lover into your life. Great Casting if you wish to settle down. (2 available)
  • Revenge & Justice Spells – Have you been hurt? Spells to bring justice and satisfaction to cases where you have been hurt or wronged. Safe, private and effective.

“I knew she shouldn’t have been with him in the first place. I used this Break Them Up Spell Casting to open her eyes to how rotten he treated her and how much I loved her. It took her 1 week to see the truth and come back to me. She hasn’t spoken to him since and we haven’t left each others sides. Thank you for this casting. From both of us.” — Mike Salazar, NY





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“One of My Favorite Love Spells to make people genuinely happy.” — Master Taylor

Master Samuel Taylor

“We know it is hard to lose a love to another. When using a Love Spell to return your lover you will need powerful Break Up Spell energies to break them up before you return your lover. That is where this Love Spell Casting comes into play. It has all the right energies you need to show your ex lover who REALLY loves them, YOU!”

“We hope to serve you soon with this fantastic Love Spell Casting. Our second best selling Love Spell to date. The Break Them Up & Return My Love Love Spell” — Master Samuel Taylor and the Extreme Spells Circle




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